About the Project

Pueblo County—in partnership with the City of Pueblo and Pueblo West—is conducting a major update of the region’s Comprehensive Plan for the first time since 2002.  Although targeted updates to the Regional Development Plan have been made since it was first adopted, the County has changed significantly over the past 20 years. 

A more comprehensive update is needed to respond to shifting population and demographic trends, a newly diversified economy, and the evolving needs of unincorporated areas. This process also represents a commitment on behalf of the County and its partners to proactively plan for a more sustainable and resilient future. Key objectives for the process are to: 

  • Articulate a clear, cohesive vision and policies for the region as a whole (as well as for distinct communities within the region); 

  • Provide direction on how and where and how the region wants to grow, and how each jurisdiction/district fits within that framework; and 

  • Establish a clear strategy for the implementation of the region’s shared vision.  

Pueblo County covers a vast land area and is home to a diverse set of communities and environments, each with a unique set of challenges and opportunities.  In addition to the City of Pueblo, Pueblo County is home to the towns of Rye and Boone, and the unincorporated communities of Pueblo West, Avondale, Colorado City, and Beulah. While the City of Pueblo functions as the service hub for many of the County’s residents, in 2017, approximately one-third of the County’s residents lived outside the city limits and this pattern is anticipated to continue. The updated Regional Comprehensive Plan must balance the needs of both incorporated and unincorporated areas within Pueblo County.